Joonas Klaavu
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Helsinki, Vattuniemi
50 €

Aurora upotettava led-valo (2kpl) *uusi

Myydään. Ilmoittaja: Joonas Klaavu Ilmoitus jätetty 19 lokakuuta 15:50.
Aurora upotettava led-valo (2kpl) *uusi
  • Aurora upotettava led-valo (2kpl) *uusi
  • Aurora upotettava led-valo (2kpl) *uusi
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Osasto: Valaisimet
Sijainti: Uusimaa - Helsinki, Vattuniemi
Hinta: 50 €

Mains voltage LED wall light suitable for stair and corridor lighting
Integrated LED driver - no separate driver required
Satin silver finish
NON-REPLACEABLE LEDs with up to 30,000 hours life makes fittings ideal for inaccessible locations
White LEDs with low power consumption for highly efficient operation and low operating costs (Due to the nature of LEDs a slight colour variation from lamp to lamp is possible)
Cool operating temperature
Mounting allows for 'uplighting' or 'downlighting'
Not suitable for mounting in solid walls

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