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Valosetti GLS 412 Led stage compact
  • Valosetti GLS 412 Led stage compact
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Valosetti GLS 412 Led stage compact

Ilmoitustyyppi: Myydään Ilmoitus jätetty: 15 helmikuuta 11:56
Kunto: Uusi
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"LED Stage 4 COMPACT" LED light bar. 4x12 LEDs total 48W, incl remote control
The GLS-412 LED Stage 4 COMPACT light bar consists 4 polycarbonate lamps which each 12 energy-efficient LEDs. This light bar is" plug and play "and can be easily controlled via DMX through automatic or sound -controlled programs (selection through the simple LED control panel with push buttons) or with the supplied remote control. This PARTYSET" is extremely suitable for semi-professional use. The light bar is equipped with a 35 mm adapter so that it fits most universal box stands(not included), with the 5 meter long supplied power cable, this set can be used at almost any location