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28 Days Collectors Edition R2 Suomitekstit Uusi
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28 Days Collectors Edition R2 Suomitekstit Uusi

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Kuvanmukainen/muoveissa. Posti 2e/nouto. Gwen Cummings (Sandra Bullock from HOPE FLOATS and FORCES OF NATURE) is a successful New York journalist who loves to have a good time. Trouble is, she can never tell when she's had enough. After a disastrous incident at her sister's wedding that earns her a drink driving charge, Gwen has two choices - jail or a 28 day 'holiday' at a rehab centre to get her life back together. Naturally she chooses rehab, but after spending so long in the fast lane, this party girl is going to find out that slowing down is a lot harder than she thinks. Sandra Bullock shines in one of the best roles of her career and is joined by Steve Buscemi (from Armageddon), Viggo Mortensen (from GI JANE) and Elizabeth Perkins in this 'comedy with a soul' from the director of Dr. Dolittle.