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Beatles Magical Mystery Tour R2 Uusi Pkt 2,5e
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Beatles Magical Mystery Tour R2 Uusi Pkt 2,5e

Ilmoitustyyppi: Myydään Ilmoitus jätetty: 27 tammikuuta 18:22
Kuvassa/Muoveissa/Nouto käy/Digitalisesti remasteroitu 1.The magical mystery tour 2.Richard B.Starkey& his aunt Jessica 3.´Good morning ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls! 4.Fool on the hill 5.Miss winters 6.The sarge 7.Magical mystery tour marathon 8.Flying 9.The magicians 10.MR. bloodvessel & aunt Jessica 11.I am the walrus 12.Five little dickie birds sitting on your head 13.Aunt Jessie´s dream 14.The theatre 15.Blue jay way 16.Back on the bus 17.I wonder what the magicians are cooking up now? 18.Accordian medley 19.The strip show-death cab for cutie 20.Your mother should know 21.Magical mystery tour end credits. Take a surreal adventure, featuring The Beatles, on a magical bus ride across the countryside, called "The Magical Mystery Tour". All is not what it seems and magic is everywhere on this psychedelic bus trip. So get on board with the Beatles and a colourful cast of interesting fellow travellers for an afternoon of comedy, music, competition, magic and even romance.

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