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Great Journey PC Uusi/Sinetöity Posti 2e/nouto
  • Great Journey PC Uusi/Sinetöity Posti 2e/nouto
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Great Journey PC Uusi/Sinetöity Posti 2e/nouto

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Pelikonsoli: PC
Kuvassa. Win XP, Vista, 7 8, 10. Join Tony and Annie on their Great Journey to save Antarctica, home of their dear friends! Players will immerse themselves into a thrilling adventure and visit lots of vibrant and colorful places - from small port towns to hot, sandy deserts, through damp, colorful jungles and all the way to the ice and snow of the South Pole. Choose to play as Annie or Tony as they start out on this Great Journey across 5 chapters full of adventure and more than 30 locations from all over the world. Start from the old port town, then sail to sandy Africa and later visit lush, tropical jungle at Crocodile Island. Next, find your way to the mysterious Easter Island and eventually prepare for a dramatic finale on icy Antarctica! 7 mini-games will provide lots of action for everyone. Play soccer with an African shaman, save the port from a garbage flood, feed the monkey, photograph whales and do lots of other crazy stuff. Challenge your family or friends for the best score or play together in multiplayer modes.