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Hot Wheels Bash arena PC Uusi Posti 2e/nouto
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Hot Wheels Bash arena PC Uusi Posti 2e/nouto

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Pelikonsoli: PC
Kuvanmukainen/muoveissa. Win XP, Vista, 7 8, 10. Hot Wheels Bash Arena for PC challenges players to dodge and crash into opponents with performance-varied Hot Wheels cars in a last car standing, interactive demolition derby-style competition. The game features 20 authentic Hot Wheels cars to unlock and control in six dynamic multi-level arenas full of hazards. Vehicles will gather real-time damage while in competition, and can use more than 20 offensive and defensive power-ups to restore their condition. As players advance through the Bash Arena championship, they work their way toward the ultimate goal of induction into the Hot Wheels Bash Arena Hall of Fame.