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Rugrats in Paris Ipanat PC Uusi Posti 2e/nouto
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Rugrats in Paris Ipanat PC Uusi Posti 2e/nouto

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Pelikonsoli: PC
Kuvanmukainen/muoveissa. Win XP Vista 7 8 10. Ipanat Pariisissa, perustuu samannimiseen piirrettyyn. Faster than you can say, "bonjour," Chuckie lost his Wawa! Now it's up to you and the babies to find it! Get ready for a silly, laugh-filled, diaper-wearing Paris adventure where you get to run wild in Euroreptarland, play games and collect clues along the way to get Chuckie's Wawa back! Play four arcade-style games with up to 120 levels for loads of adventure! Win the Reptar vs. Robosnail "showdown" after the four games! Choose from Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty settings!