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Sprint Car Challenge PC Uusi/muoveissa Posti 2e
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Sprint Car Challenge PC Uusi/muoveissa Posti 2e

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Pelikonsoli: PC
Kuvassa. Nouto käy. Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. Sprint Car racing is one of the motocross world's most extreme subgenres. After all, its drivers have to compensate for their light weight and huge power by utilizing enormous spoilers and wings to stay situated on the tracks. Now you'll get to experience that kind of action for yourself with Liquid Games' Sprint Car Challenge. In it, players can choose from 12 different vehicles and race them across four challenging circuits that include Dirt, Arena, Ice, and Desert variations. They can even compete against the CPU or go head-to-head with another person in the split-screen mode, and unlock extra tracks and vehicles along the way.