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Abba The Album CD (1997), Uusi - Ei Postikuluja
  • Abba The Album CD (1997), Uusi - Ei Postikuluja
  • Abba The Album CD (1997), Uusi - Ei Postikuluja
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Abba The Album CD (1997), Uusi - Ei Postikuluja

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Abba: The Album - alkuperäinen julkaisu 1977.

Abba's fifth album was a marked step forward for the group, having evolved into a world-class rock act over their previous two albums, they now proceeded to absorb and assimilate some of the influences around them, particularly the laid-back California sound of Fleetwood Mac, as well as some of the attributes of progressive rock. That they did this without compromising their essential virtues as a pop ensemble makes this album seem even more extraordinary -- The Album was simply an incredibly popular release, yielding two British number one singles in "The Name of the Game" and "Take a Chance on Me" (which made the Top Five in America, their second-best showing after "Dancing Queen"), and achieving the quartet's highest-ever showing on the U.S. LP charts, reaching the Top 20 and selling a million copies in six months. The whole album is effortlessly straddling hard rock, pop/rock, dance-rock, and progressive rock -- there are superb album tracks here, including the driving, lushly harmonized "Move On" and "Hole in Your Soul," which provides guitarist Lasse Wellander with a beautiful showcase for his lead electric playing. The second side of the album is dominated by material from a "mini-musical" called Girl with the Golden Hair that Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus wrote for the concerts on their just-ended tour intended to be used in a dramatically coherent storytelling context. "I'm a Marionette," is a startlingly bold attempt to recast the influence of Kurt Weill in a hard rock mode, ending The Album on a high note, musically and artistically.

Genre: pop, dance music, Swedish pop

Take A Chance On Me:




Levy-yhtiö: Polar

Digitaalisesti remasteroitu 1997.

CD on UUSI ja kelmuissa.

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