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Bryan Adams Cuts Like A Knife CD (83) Uusi - Ei PK
  • Bryan Adams Cuts Like A Knife CD (83) Uusi - Ei PK
  • Bryan Adams Cuts Like A Knife CD (83) Uusi - Ei PK
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Bryan Adams Cuts Like A Knife CD (83) Uusi - Ei PK

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Bryan Adams's second major-label release, Cuts Like A Knife, is a real step forward from his debut, rocking harder and swaggering more brashly than before. But mainly it is the solidification of the songwriting team of Adams and Jim Vallance that is most evident here. They deliver a round of readymade FM rock anthems, including the mid-tempo "This Time" and the tough yet sensitive title track, which greatly benefited from an MTV video portraying the brooding Adams in a black leather jacket. Adams also had a big hit with the earnest ballad, "Straight From the Heart." Here Adams shows off his far-reaching appeal. His brand of hard rock was brash and basic enough to win over the average Bic-igniting rock concert-goer, and with his wounded, rough-hewn look, he had what it took to be a rock heartthrob. Adams's voice has the timbre of Rod Stewart and the soulful, defiant delivery of Bob Seger and Bruce Springsteen, but he's always a lot less down in the mouth than those singers. Though he gets a bit wistful on "The Best Was Yet to Come" Adams's youthful but experienced voice presents a younger version of roots rock without the complicated subtext.

"Cuts Like a Knife" is regarded as one of Adams' most commercially successful and acclaimed albums. The album is regarded as one of the iconic albums of the '80s. It is often regarded as one of the Greatest Canadian Albums of all time. The title track has become one of Adams' signature songs and is a rock radio staple. It is the most-played song by Adams in his concert. "Straight from the Heart" is often regarded as one of the best ballads by Bryan Adams.

Genre: pop-rock, classic rock, rock

Cuts Like A Knife:




Levy-yhtiö: A&M Records

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