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Kinesiology Tape - black

In particular, kinesiology tape can be used quickly and effectively to alleviate chronic pain, muscle and joint disorders. It is painless and effective in the treatment of sprains, strains, sports injuries, spine and limb pain,

Wearing the patch does not interfere with everyday life, as it moves with the tissues of the body due to its material. With its application we can live an active life, play sports and bathe. It is no coincidence that, as it is popular in sports medicine, elite athletes prefer to use it during their competitions as well.
The kinesiological tape is a patch made of a highly adhesive, flexible cotton material with a longitudinally elastic and skin-friendly adhesive layer.

Material: 97% cotton, 3% polyurethane.

The kinesiological patch is breathable and waterproof.

But prolonged and direct sunlight, high temperatures (above 35 degrees Celsius) or high humidity (above 65%) can degrade its quality.

should not be applied to open wounds or injuries

should not be used in case of known acrylic allergy (the kinesio tape is latex-free but has an acrylic adhesive layer)

not recommended for psoriasis

Do not use in the first three months of pregnancy around the connective tissue zone around the sacrum (genital zone).

if heart patients respond to the kinesiological strip with an itchy stimulus or hives, do not use

if the patch causes skin irritation or itching within 1 day after application, do not use the kinesiological tape

if under the patch - after application approx. 3-6 days - you experience itching, in which case carefully remove and allow your skin to regenerate for a few days, then you can use the kinesiological tape again, but change it more often

store the kinesiology tape carefully out of the reach of children

colors:, black
-Product size: 5 cm x 5 m