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Kumisaapas Gumboots 38 "BOGS" warm -25C
  • Kumisaapas Gumboots 38 "BOGS" warm -25C
  • Kumisaapas Gumboots 38 "BOGS" warm -25C
  • Kumisaapas Gumboots 38 "BOGS" warm -25C
  • Kumisaapas Gumboots 38 "BOGS" warm -25C
  • Kumisaapas Gumboots 38 "BOGS" warm -25C
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Kumisaapas Gumboots 38 "BOGS" warm -25C

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Kengät, koko: 38, naisten

Bogs gumboots are a fantastic design for Finland, rated to -25 Celcius

Better than UGGs because they are water proof and warm.

New without tags and Box. Genuine.
size 38 (UK 5) true to size.
dark grey in colour.

I am in pasila for pick up
happy to post at buyers cost.

These boots are perfect for Finland conditions. Really comfortable sole that is shaped and soft. These are made to keep you warm in icy puddles. Lots of grip. They are perfect for sludge. Good when the Snow is melted or the rain is pouring.

they are rubber at base and neoprene on the upper. Fully lined with fleece.

these are 110 pound new. See the website here.

I have tried this brand and they are really nice and warm. I did a lot of research and found this boot would be great for finland. I bought the long kind, it would be good to stop the snow going in my boots and stop splashes of water on my pants and legs.

these are stylish gumboots. they have a nice shaped look, not square and chunky like most rubber boots are. The lining makes them really comfortable.

read on the website about the brand and see the professional pics of these boots there.

I am selling because I have really large calves (lower leg) and these are just fitting me nicely / perfect, not quite enough space for me putting my trousers inside etc. I am getting
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