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Mötley Crüe New Tattoo 2CD ( 2003), Uusi - Ei PK
  • Mötley Crüe New Tattoo 2CD ( 2003), Uusi - Ei PK
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Mötley Crüe New Tattoo 2CD ( 2003), Uusi - Ei PK

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New Tattoo:

- Alkuperäinen julkaisuvuosi: 2000
- Digitaalisesti remasteroitu enhanced 2CD: 2003

- Bonus Träks
- Bonus Video (enhancedCD)
- New Liner Notes
- Bonus Disc (!)

New Tattoo is a full-fledged return to their trademark sound: sleazy hard rock with a slight glam tinge (although not quite as much as before). And it's really sleazy, the band apparently having decided to return to their bread and butter with a vengeance. It seems like a conscious determination on the band's part to outdo themselves in the lewdness department, perhaps because they've realized that making concessions to '90s trends isn't really their forte, or perhaps as a pointed reaction against the lack of hedonism in the vast majority of '90s rock. There's more than a hint of bitterness about all of that on "1st Band on the Moon" and "Fake"; the former is more playful, lamenting the disappearance of party-hearty arena rock and horny groupies, while the latter is an angry, unfocused rant against greedy record-industry hypocrites. By this point, anyone who still follows Mötley Crüe is likely to be a rabid diehard, and that (actually rather substantial) fan base will be ecstatic over New Tattoo.

Genre: classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, hair metal, L.A., pop-metal



2CD on UUSI.

Levy-yhtiö: Mötley Records

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