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Ostrovit SPIRULINE 90 tabs
  • Ostrovit SPIRULINE 90 tabs
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Ostrovit SPIRULINE 90 tabs

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OstroVit Spiruline is a diet supplement in tablets containing spirulina extract. Spirulina is a blue-green algae, which is called algae growing on lakes and other freshwater reservoirs. Spirulina known and used in antiquity in folk medicine. It belongs to the group of superfoods because it has very large amounts of nutrients in its composition that positively affect our body.

Contains 45 portions in the package
10000 mg spirulina in 1 serving
1 serving = 2 tablets

OstroVit Spiruline

Spirulina is characterized by the highest amount of protein from all known edible plants. It is a source of complete protein with 18 amino acids. The protein is about 60-70% of the dry weight of spirulina and is therefore colloquially called green meat. It can be a great complement to the diet for people who limit the consumption of meat products or milk protein, eg vegetarians. They can also be a good alternative source of peptides for people with protein intolerance from other high protein products. Spirulina is rich in several forms of sulfur, which can be felt in its taste, which resembles boiled eggs. This is another important ingredient that helps strengthen the immune system, as well as improving the condition of the skin. The blue dye contained in spirulina is characterized by cleansing properties, because it can help detoxify the body, especially in people abusing alcohol or smoking cigarettes.
OstroVit Spiruline properties

Supports body cleaning processes from heavy metals
Helps to strengthen the immune system as a result of increased production of T and B lymphocytes
Has alkalizing effects on the body
Helps to lower blood sugar

1 portion 2tbl:
Powdered algae - spiruline 1000 mg

Consume 1 serving (2 tablets) twice a day.