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Sescom RCA-kytkin
  • Sescom RCA-kytkin
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Sescom RCA-kytkin

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Sescom SES-AUDIO-AB RCA Stereo Audio MP3 iPod FLAC WMA A/B Switch

These helpful AB switches can also function as input and output expansions for any of your equipment.Designed to save you time and protect your expensive equipment from the wear and tear of plugging and unplugging connectors. Perfect for your home theater, studio or anywhere you would normally have to plug and unplug devices.


Left and Right Stereo RCA connector AB switch.

RCA connectors are color coded Red for Right channels and White for Left channels for easy identification.

This little switch requires no power and is bidirectional.

Designed small so it's easy to add into any setup.

Can also be used to switch composite video and a single channel of audio.

Great for Video gamers.