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Star Wars Episode IV Soundtrack 2CD (2004), Uusi
  • Star Wars Episode IV Soundtrack 2CD (2004), Uusi
  • Star Wars Episode IV Soundtrack 2CD (2004), Uusi
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Star Wars Episode IV Soundtrack 2CD (2004), Uusi

Ilmoitustyyppi: Myydään Ilmoitus jätetty: 25 syyskuuta 11:25
John Williams:
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Alkuperäinen julkaisu: 1977

"Hologrammikansi-uudelleen julkaisu":
2004 (Enhanced, Remastered, DSD)
Limited Edition

The Star Wars Soundtrack by John Williams, two whole LPs of it played by the London Symphony Orchestra, handsomely designed and looking expensive and important, which matched the sound of the music. In one fell swoop, Williams' defiantly retro, late-19th century-style score, written in a mode and idiom that directly recalled Korngold (not to mention Gustav Holst and Richard Wagner, among many other composers from the concert hall), restored the old-fashioned, '40s-style full orchestral score to full vitality. And suddenly, a new generation of fans for such music, some as young as high school age, were seeking out the old soundtracks by Korngold, Steiner, Newman, Herrmann, Rózsa, et al., either in new pressings or new recordings where available or, just as often, in original releases at flea markets, garage sales, and thrift shops. Most of the music remains a breath of fresh air, and the best parts of the score still hold up.

In 2004 Sony Classical released double-disc collector's editions of episodes four through six in anticipation of the films' release on DVD. Remastered and sporting 3-D covers, each soundtrack includes the score in its entirety, a poster foldout, and screen savers depicting rare Japanese book covers. In some cases, alternate tracks and extended versions are included.

Levyjen lukumäärä: 2CD



After the last track of the first CD there is a 2 1/2 minutepause followed by 5 recording takes of the main theme (take 16 to 20, as announced before the tracks).

Comes with a lenticular / hologram cover.

CD on UUSI ja kelmuissa.

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