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Star Wars Episode V Soundtrack 2CD (2004), Uusi
  • Star Wars Episode V Soundtrack 2CD (2004), Uusi
  • Star Wars Episode V Soundtrack 2CD (2004), Uusi
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Star Wars Episode V Soundtrack 2CD (2004), Uusi

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John Williams:
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Alkuperäinen julkaisu: 1980

"Hologrammikansi-uudelleen julkaisu":
2004 (Enhanced, Remastered, DSD)
Limited Edition

Widely regarded as the finest film in the series, The Empire Strikes Back found composer John Williams in complete control of the Star Wars universe. All of this cacophony is really just a setup for the introduction of the series' most coveted piece of music, "The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)." Williams had hinted at this Prokofiev-meets-Mars, the Bringer of War death march throughout portions of A New Hope, and to hear it in its completed form is exhilarating. Also notable are the romantic cues for Han Solo and Princess Leia ("Han & the Princess") and the expansion of the wistful "Jedi" melody, which is used to great effect on "Yoda's Theme" and "The Training of a Jedi Knight/Magic Tree." The Empire Strikes Back is epic, romantic, and powerful. It is George Lucas' world at its most uncompromising, and Williams' score treats its themes of heroism and betrayal like the Shakespearian tragedy that it is.

In 2004 Sony Classical released double-disc collector's editions of episodes four through six in anticipation of the films' release on DVD. Remastered and sporting 3-D covers, each soundtrack includes the score in its entirety, a poster foldout, and screen savers depicting rare Japanese book covers.

Levyjen lukumäärä: 2CD



Comes with a lenticular / hologram cover.
Exclusive screensavers and special Star Wars content.

CD on UUSI ja kelmuissa.

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