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LP Klaus Layer - For The People Like Us
  • LP Klaus Layer - For The People Like Us
  • LP Klaus Layer - For The People Like Us
  • LP Klaus Layer - For The People Like Us
  • LP Klaus Layer - For The People Like Us
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LP Klaus Layer - For The People Like Us

Ilmoitustyyppi: Myydään Ilmoitus jätetty: 7 joulukuuta 14:58
Label: Redefinition Records RDF053
Format: Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, Colored
Country: US
Released: 22 Jul 2014
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Instrumental

Kunto (levy/kannet): Mint / Mint

A1 Welcome
A2 For The People Like Us
A3 Der Wiedererwachende Zweig (Resurgent Branch)
A4 The Sun Is Up
A5 Der Traum Von Gestern (The Dream Of Yesterday)
A6 Animals Garden
A7 Be As You Are
B1 Keine Pantomime (No Pantomime)
B2 I'm No Joke
B3 Watching Fireflies
B4 Coming To Your World
B5 Symbol Für Morgen (Symbol Of Tomorrow)

Aliases: Captain Crook
Profile: Klaus Layer was always interested in eastern German art and music, but it was the fall of the Berlin Wall that truly opened up new opportunities for him to explore a wider range of art and foreign cultures. Klaus was born in Oranienburg, Germany, and while his preference for 90's hip-hop music and the influence of a local graffiti scene can be seen and heard in his work, he has his own distinct identity as a creator. Klaus cites artists like Michael Hamel, Günther Fischer, Can, Pete Rock, Damu the Fudgemunk and Lord Finesse as sources of inspiration, just as much as he does the Surrealist style of art as well as the audio & visuals found in old movies from the 50s-70s. All of Layer's different influences, along with some non-traditional sampling resources have somehow been morphed together via his instrument of choice, a sampler, into a unique style of instrumental music full of rich layers, including all sorts of percussive and melodic patterns

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