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2 Juhlaraha Andorra 2018 Perustuslaki 25v
  • 2 Juhlaraha Andorra 2018 Perustuslaki 25v
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2 Juhlaraha Andorra 2018 Perustuslaki 25v

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2 Juhlaraha Andorra 2018 Perustuslaki 25v BU

Euro coins intended for circulation have legal tender status throughout the euro area. For the purpose of informing the public and all parties who handle the coins, the Commission publishes a description of the designs of all new coins (1). In accordance with the Council conclusions of 10 February 2009 (2), euro-area Member States and countries that have concluded a monetary agreement with the European Union providing for the issuing of euro coins are allowed to issue commemorative euro coins intended for circulation, provided that certain conditions are met, particularly that only the 2-euro denomination is used. These coins have the same technical characteristics as other 2-euro coins, but their national face features a commemorative design that is highly symbolic in national or European terms.
Issuing country: Andorra
Subject of commemoration: 25th anniversary of the Andorran Constitution
Description of the design: The design depicts the Monument to the Men and Women of Andorra who launched the Constitution, which stands in the square of the Consell General (Andorras Parliament). This monument shows the silhouettes of a man and a woman and commemorates the will expressed by the Andorran citizenry, in the referendum held on 14 March 1993, to become a constitutional state, democratic and social, as expressed in article 1 of the Constitution. To the right of the monument there is the map of Andorra with the Latin inscription VIRTVS VNITA FORTIOR (virtue united is stronger) inside, which is the state motto of the Principality of Andorra. Surrounding the design there are the inscriptions 25è ANIVERSARI DE LA CONSTITUCIÓ 1993-2018 (25th anniversary of the Constitution 1993-2018) and the name of the country ANDORRA.
The coins outer ring depicts the 12 stars of the European flag.
Estimated number of coins to be issued: 75 000
Date of issue: First trimester of 2018
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